Bluelake Mineral is a Swedish company focused on exploration and mine development in the Nordic region within base metals, primarily copper, zinc and nickel. The company also holds projects with assets such as gold and oil.

In copper and zinc, the Company focuses on developing the Swedish project Stekenjokk and the Norwegian project Joam with the objective to put them into production. For Stekenjokk, a revised application for an exploitation concession has been submitted to the authorities. For Joma, the first step in the Norwegian equivalent of a exploitation concession has been obtained ("right of extraction").

Further, the Company also holds Swedish nickel project Rönnbäcken and the Finnish gold project Haveri. In both these cases, the Company is actively seeking financial and industrial partners for development of the projects.

In oil, a project is held in Tomsk, Russia. In this case, the strategy is to sell the project or enter into a partnership in order to finance and develop the project.

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Press Releases


The Board of Directors of Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" or "the Company") has today, with the support of an authorization from the Annual General Meeting held May 26, 2021, decided on a new share issue directed towards a group of private investors (the "Investors") of a maximum of 3,305,784 shares at a subscription price of SEK 1.21 per share at a total value of MSEK 4 (the "Share Issue").


As previously announced, Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" or "the Company"), has via its Swedish subsidiary Vilhelmina Mineral AB (publ) ("Vilhelmina Mineral") applied for an exploitation concession within the exploration permits Levi K no. 1 and Stekenjokk K no. 1 in Vilhelmina municipality. In its statement to the Swedish Mining Directorate, the County Administrative Board of Jämtland has previously recommended that an exploitation concession for Stekenjokk K no. 1 should be granted. However, during the ongoing examination of the exploitation concession application, the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten has declared that an examination according to Natura 2000 is required for both of the applied exploitation concessions before a final assessment can be made. Therefore, Vilhelmina Mineral submitted a separate application for a Natura 2000 permit on May 3, 2021, in accordance with the Environmental Act to the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten. Subsequently, as previously announced, the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten has decided that a supplement to the application is required regarding, among other things, the impact on the surrounding water systems. The Company therefore has appointed the consulting company Pelagia Nature & Environment ("Pelagia") to carry out biotope mapping and wetland inventory at Stekenjokk and the upper Saxån river during the autumn of 2021.


Bluelake Mineral AB (publ) ("Bluelake Mineral" and "the Company") will via its Norwegian subsidiary Joma Gruver AS ("Joma Gruver") participate in a meeting on August 18, 2021 with Røyrvik municipality in Trøndelag to present a zoning plan in relation to plans for restart of the copper and zinc mine in Joma. At the meeting, Joma Gruver will report regarding planned mining operations and the expected social, economic and environmental impact. The zoning plan and approximately 20 impact assessment studies for various areas (which have been published previously) will form the basis for the municipality's decision during the autumn concerning the zoning plan, which is an important step in the Norwegian permit process. Joma Gruver is of the opinion that a restart of the mine can have far-reaching positive consequences in several areas. Through an estimated investment of more than NOK 500 million, the mine will create many direct and indirect jobs and could function as a growth engine both locally and regionally. The number of inhabitants in the municipality is estimated to increase by approximately 25 % and create increased financial resources for further growth. The mine will be established and operated according to strict principles of sustainability with the least possible impact on the local environment and other sensitive and valuable interests such as nature, hunting, fishing and reindeer husbandry. As copper and zinc can be produced locally instead of being imported from other continents, the Joma mine would also contribute to the global environment through, among other things, lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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